FAQs for faculty and researcher positions

If an applicant has been short-listed for an interview, he/she is normally contacted as soon as an interview schedule has been arranged.  Interviews are usually scheduled several months ahead of a September start date to allow for other recruitment steps.

The applicant is usually notified of KFUPM’s decision within two months from the date of his/her interview.  The process may take longer in certain cases.

Following the interview, the applicant usually receives a formal job offer (by e-mail and/or by mail) once his/her appointment is approved by H.E., the Rector of KFUPM.  The offer briefly outlines the terms and conditions of employment (salary and other employment benefits).

Normally, a newly appointed faculty member at KFUPM is expected to join at the beginning of the first semester (in September) or the beginning of the second semester (in January/February), according to the academic calendar.

Standard contracts for regular faculty members are usually for two years starting the 1st of September.


FAQs for staff positions


Please contact the Talent Acquisition Team:

For faculty positions: faculty@kfupm.edu.sa 

For staff positions: talent@kfupm.edu.sa 

Telephone: +966 13 860-1273 (faculty) 

                      +966 13 860 8738 (staff)

The link should be available in an application form or a tab on the left side of the page “Help” should have technical troubleshooting options. 

For any recruitment-related questions, please contact the Talent Acquisition Team. 

For faculty positions: faculty@kfupm.edu.sa  

For staff positions: talent@kfupm.edu.sa 

Nationality requirements are mentioned for each position. Please refer to the job description for each position. KFUPM follows the Saudi labor law guidelines.

The medium of instruction in the KFUPM is English. Every applicant must be able to pass the assessment test and conduct interviews in the English language.