The University campus spread across 900 acres, is situated in Dhahran, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is divided into three sectors: North, Central, and South. The North Sector consists of the Preparatory Year Campus and the student dormitories. The Central Sector contains all the academic facilities: classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices, as well as the University administration, The Research Institute, the Library, and the Information Technology Center. The South Sector consists of faculty and senior staff housing.

The campus residents and employees can enjoy the sports facilities such as a gym, running tracks, soccer fields, and swimming pools. The KFUPM mall and square house have necessary amenities such as a supermarket, laundry service, stationery store, pharmacy, and several coffee shops and restaurants. A medical center offers on-campus convenience of medical care.  

Guarded by security 24/7, the campus ensures safety for all its residents. This environment, coupled with the unique architecture and planted greenery, fosters favorable conditions for continuous learning and research opportunities.