Working for KFUPM, you would:

Contribute to a new future through educational excellence: Every day, you engage with the brightest minds at a highly reputable institution to create a better future. Your role directly impacts the most talented students in shaping their lives. You enable our faculty to achieve exceptional teaching and research results. You enhance our outstanding global reputation and contribute to our prestigious mission. Your commitment and contribution to building our nation are essential for our success, now and in the future.

Accelerate your personal growth through innovation: As we continue our ongoing program of transformation and revitalization, we are building an exciting and dynamic working environment for everyone who works at KFUPM. And that means that we support and encourage our people to find new ways of doing things. People who are not afraid to experiment and innovate wherever they work. People who want to learn, grow and develop. People like you. Your role is critical for the success of our ongoing transformation and digital revolution.

Thrive together as a supportive community: At KFUPM, you are part of our family, where at the heart of everything is teamwork and collaboration. It creates a positive environment where you can thrive as part of a truly diverse and inclusive community with over 55 nationalities. Your well-being is of great importance, and we encourage an atmosphere of enjoyment and comfort without losing focus on delivering the highest standards in the work we do.